News | 06 Jan 2021

Coronavirus tier restrictions: Which Vodafone UK stores are open?

Coronavirus tier restrictions mean different opening rules apply to Vodafone UK retail stores depending on their location.

Vodafone UK stores, at a glance

All Vodafone UK stores are now closed.

If you need help or advice, webchat is always available.

Update 6 January 2021

On 4 January, Vodafone UK closed all remaining stores that weren’t already closed due to government guidance. From 6 January, Click and Collect is no longer available.

Vodafone has ensured that the vast majority of customers with outstanding Click and Collect orders have been able to collect them. For any customers that have not, we will contact them in the next couple of days to arrange delivery to their homes.

Although stores are closed, there are still many ways Vodafone can support you. Help is available through webchat on the Vodafone UK website or by phone on 03333 040 191. Store staff are now helping customers through webchat.

For technical issues or support, please book a free 30-minute appointment with our expert Tech Teams. Tech Team appointments are available via video chat, webchat or phone.

Update 26 December 2020

Some stores in Scotland will be operating only as Click and Collect points from Boxing Day, 26 December.

Some stores in England and Scotland will be closed from Boxing Day, 26 December, with no services available.

Vodafone stores in Wales are operating as Click and Collect points. In line with guidance from the devolved government, they can also provide technical support and essential connectivity services.

Vodafone stores in Northern Ireland will be completely closed, with no services available, from Boxing Day, 26 December.

Update 2 December 2020

All Vodafone stores in England have now reopened, with safety measures in place, following the end of the autumn 2020 lockdown. Stores in Wales have also reopened.

Vodafone stores in Northern Ireland and Scotland West are closed until 11 December, following government guidelines in those areas. Some stores in Scotland West are operating as Click and Collect points.

Original article

Vodafone stores across the UK continue to adapt to the coronavirus crisis as it unfolds. All 344 stores in England will close for the duration of the second lockdown – due to start on Thursday 5 November 2020 – but will continue to serve customers and their communities.

They will act, in the majority of locations, as collection-only points for customers who have placed Click and Collect orders online.

Customers in England can find out which stores are offering collection-only service when they order online. Where stores can’t offer a collection-only service, retail colleagues will instead be working from home and assisting customers through webchat.

If customers need to return a product, they should contact Vodafone customer care by webchat or phone. Returns will be done by post, rather than in store.

As Wales is already undergoing its own ‘fire break’ lockdown, Welsh Vodafone stores have already closed. They are due to reopen on 9 November and will follow the same safety precautions that all Vodafone stores have been observing since June.

Based on current advice from the devolved governments in those nations, stores in Scotland and Northern Ireland will remain open.

Technical support from Vodafone is available without having to leave home. Anyone, not just Vodafone customers, can book free 30-minute appointments with our Tech Team. Conducted by phone or video chat, Tech Team Experts can help with common technical queries.

And Vodafone has increased the number of available Tech Team experts to meet any additional demand.

For answers to the most common customer service queries, and for ways to contact Vodafone UK customer care, visit the dedicated website.