29 Apr 2021

FluBot: Beware the Android malware delivered through ‘courier’ texts

Flubot is dangerous to you, and to others, too. Here’s what Vodafone UK has done to protect everyone and what you need to do to help stop the spread.

Dangerous new malware is targeting users of Android phones by posing as texts from couriers and other delivery companies.

The deceptive texts are allegedly about tracking an upcoming delivery. But the texts contain a link which, when clicked, will prompt you to install a malicious Android app. This malicious app not only steals your personal data, but will also send similar texts to your contacts.

Vodafone UK has already taken action to stop the spread of ‘FluBot’, as the malware is known, by detecting and blocking as many of the texts as possible from being sent over its network. Vodafone UK has also alerted its customers to the danger of FluBot and what they should do if they receive such a text:

Ignore: do not click on any links.

Report: report the text by forwarding it to text number 7726.

Delete: erase the text from your phone.

If your Android phone has already been infected by FluBot, the National Cyber Security Centre has advice on what to do next. Any Vodafone customers that incur charges for texts sent by FluBot will be refunded.

FluBot is spreading rapidly by taking advantage of the boom in deliveries of online shopping during the pandemic. Vodafone UK has long-standing experience in protecting its network and its customers from cybersecurity threats. Learn more about how you can stay safe online.

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