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Lifestyle | 26 Apr 2019

Best holiday booking apps 2019: How to catch cheap flights and bag the best hotels

Holiday season is almost here, but how can you take the pain out of booking? Here are our favourite holiday booking apps of 2019…

Summer’s almost here, so it’s nearly time to don those shades, pull on your swimming costume and catch some rays. For many of us, this means jetting off to exotic locales where the sun’s always shining, and you can hit the beach without a brolly.
That said, holiday booking isn’t always as easy as it should be. While you should be fantasising about lounging on some sun-dappled balcony, you could find yourself tearing your hair out trying to arrange a suitable flight and hotel without ransacking your savings.
Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be the case, with a vast array of holiday apps designed to make your experience as smooth as that first fruity cocktail. But how do you find the right one for you?

While mainstays such as and AirBnB can offer you great bang for your buck, we’ve pulled together some of our other favourite apps to help you get the best holiday experience possible…

Triposo | Android, iOS, Free

Typically, if you think of a travel guide, the words ‘Lonely’ and ‘Planet’ immediately spring to mind. However, Triposo offers an incredible alternative – not only providing detailed guides to pretty much any country you’d wish to travel to, it’s also fully equipped with features to let you find and book hotels, restaurants, activities and more.
While flight booking isn’t included, that’s more than made up for by the fact that this free app offers maps that clearly indicate popular spots, cool bars, supermarkets, and pretty much anything else you may want or need to visit, while also including a currency converter and other features to make your trip as seamless as possible. Ideal for travellers who want to do some planning on the hop, Triposo also works offline, so you can rest easy knowing your data isn’t being gobbled up as quickly as the local delicacies.

Travltalk | Android, iOS, Free (IAP)

A bit like Tinder without the romance, Travltalk takes the swipe concept to sync up solo travellers with other, likeminded folk eager to try the same thing. So, if you’re travelling alone and staying in a hostel, but don’t want to make friends with the resident group of stag-do lads, you can use Travltalk to create a card suggesting an activity/location you’d like to visit, then other app users can swipe depending on whether they’d like to accompany you.
The mainly free-to-use app (a low monthly subscription is required to create cards in other countries) also allows travellers to swap equipment they may not need with other travellers. If you’ve completed a hike, for example, and want to unburden yourself of some of your gear, Travltalk can put you in touch with potential buyers.
That said, Traveltalk works best as a social app, making it easy to not only spend time with other travellers, but to split costs, whether that’s a room or a taxi. If you’re looking to make your solo trip a little less solo, give Traveltalk a go.

Hopper | Android, iOS, Free

One of the most frustrating thing about booking a holiday is the fluctuating prices. Say, for example,  you’ve been talking about taking a nice break (you’ve earned it), and casually check the price of flights to find that you can actually afford it. But you need to take a look at hotel availability first, so plan to book in a few days’ time once you have your ducks in a row. Once those ducks are happily lined up, you return to your flight, and there it is with a huge increase in price. Upsetting.
If this sounds familiar, Hopper may be the app for you. A travel guide that aims to take the guesswork out of flight and hotel booking to ensure you get the best prices possible, at the right time. Promising 95% accuracy of when exactly is the right time to book your trip, Hopper has already saved a staggering amount of people an even more staggering amount of money. If you’re tired of unpredictable booking, hop on Hopper.

Kayak | Android, iOS, Free

Now, if you’re worried about clogging up your homescreen with dozens of different apps to book every aspect of your trip, fret not, because Kayak is a booking one-stop shop. The brilliantly slick app lets you book flights, hotels, rental cars and more, while also offering alerts to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.
Kayak also includes a currency converter, a tool to manage your itinerary, and a customisable packing list feature, to ensure you’ve got everything you need before getting to the airport. The mobile app offers mobile-exclusive deals, too, so not only will it help you plan your holiday with ruthless efficiency, it’ll also save you money. What’s not to love?

Last Minute Travel | Android, iOS, Free

Now, we know that not everyone is completely organised when it comes to booking holidays. It happens – whether you’ve just left things a little late, or decided on a whim to take a last minute trip. The trouble, however, is to find a deal that suits you when the clock is ticking. The aptly named Last Minute Travel helps you do just this.
Offering late deals on flights and accommodation, with around-the-clock support and in-app discounts, Last Minute Travel’s main differentiator from other comparison sites is simple: price. The app will often unearth deals at bewilderingly low prices, ensuring your last minute booking doesn’t break the bank. With Last Minute Travel, holiday booking really is better late than never.