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Lifestyle | 19 Aug 2021

These five apps will help you organise your wardrobe, choose outfits, and look awesome

Ever wake up hating the clothes in your wardrobe? You may have more outfit options than you think; use these awesome apps to unlock them...

Feel like your wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired? No idea what to match those jeans with? As always, the tech in your pocket can help.

Here are the outfit-orchestrating apps you need to dress better this year.

Closet+ | iOS (Free)

Closet+ is a streamlined app that organises your mounting pile of clothes into individual items, letting you assemble winning outfits without fuss. Put in the effort to catalogue all your outfits and it’ll really help you maximise what you own.

Stylebook | iOS (Free)

Like the other apps here, Stylebook’s got the clothing cataloguing thing down, as well as the ability to assemble and save ‘looks’. But it’s also got a massive list of other features, such as packing lists for holidays, a built-in shop, and a powerful (and really interesting) stats tool to help surface clothes you never wear and outfits you’ve overlooked. You can even filter items and outfits by descriptors such as colour.

ClosetSpace | Android, iOS (Free)

ClosetSpace allows you to take a snap of everything in your wardrobe and sort things into categories. From there you can assemble outfits yourself and save them to your Google Calendar. The app’s also a great source for inspiration; it’ll regularly feed you new outfits and style pointers from top fashion bloggers, and even hook you up with the odd bargain.

My Wardrobe | Android (Free)

Go from drab to divine with virtual outfit maker My Wardrobe, an easy-to-use app that helps you see what you have in your wardrobe and put together outfits for different occasions. It’s one of the highest rated outfit choosing apps available on Android, with reviewers praising its simplicity and relative lack of ads.

Open racks of clothes on display

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It doesn’t have a shopping feature, unlike many of its rivals, so it won’t suggest purchases that could spice up your collection.

Enty | iOS (Free)

If you’ve ever wished you had a personal stylist, Enty is the app for you. Simply take a photo of an outfit and get instant feedback from professional style experts, who can also offer tips that are tailored to your lifestyle, body type, and budget.

If you fancy yourself as a fashion consultant, you can also help other community members decide what to wear by voting on their suggestions. However, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of £9.99 to join the Stylist Hub.

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