Look amazing every day with these five great outfit picker apps

Can’t find anything to wear? Unlock the full potential of your wardrobe with these fabulous clothes matching apps.

Whether you’re preparing for a Zoom meeting, going on a date, or getting together with five of your friends for a COVID-19 era night out, putting together the perfect outfit can be tricky – especially if you’ve been mainly sporting jogging bottoms so far this year.

Splurging on new threads is one option. An outfit generator app can help you up your sartorial game by combining your own clothes with online purchases that are delivered to your door. Alternatively, just use it to create fresh new looks from your existing wardrobe.

Here’s our pick of the best outfit matching and fashion apps to help you organise your wardrobe, select key pieces that complement your clothes, and supercharge your style.

Intelistyle | iOS (Free)

Loved by professional stylists and personal shoppers, Intelistyle uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create outfit ideas for any occasion. Just take a photo of an item you own or would like to, and the app will come up with outfit ideas incorporating clothes you already own (as long as they are in your in-app wardrobe), or suggest ways to sharpen your style by going on a shopping spree.

What’s more, all the looks are designed to suit your body shape and style – so it’s child’s play to look your best every day.

My Wardrobe | Android (Free)

Go from drab to divine with virtual outfit maker My Wardrobe, an easy-to-use app that helps you see what you have in your wardrobe and put together outfits for different occasions. It’s one of the highest rated outfit choosing apps available on Android, with reviewers praising its simplicity and relative lack of ads.

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But there’s no shopping feature, so unlike many of its rivals, it won’t suggest purchases that could spice up your collection.

Closet+iOS (Free)

The “Swiss army knife of style assistants”, Closet+ lets you catalogue your clothes, choose outfits, and plan ahead using the in-built calendar. There’s a bulk import feature to make it as quick as possible to log all your existing clothes, while the grid outfit choosing display is also designed to save you time.

Once you’re up and running, you can see when you last wore an item and how much value it’s giving you based on the purchase price and the number of times you’ve had it on.

StylebookiOS (Free)

As with all pick my outfit apps, the most time consuming part of using Stylebook is photographing and cataloguing all your clothes. Once that’s done, it’s quick and easy to create fabulous looks for whatever you’ve got planned.

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Credits: Shutterstock

Credits: Shutterstock
Whatever your fashion sense or personal style there’s an outfit picker app to suit you

The app is also crammed full of useful extra features such as holiday packing lists, an online shop, and a tool that rummages through your wardrobe to highlight clothes you never wear and outfits you’ve overlooked.

Enty | iOS (Free)

If you’ve ever wished you had a personal stylist or thought to yourself: “How great would it be to have a stylist to pick my outfit for me?” Enty is the app for you. Simply take a photo of an outfit and get instant feedback from professional style experts, who can also offer tips that are tailored to your lifestyle, body type, and budget.

If you fancy yourself as a fashion consultant, you can also help other community members decide what to wear by voting on their suggestions. However, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of £9.99 to join the Stylist Hub.

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