Features | 28 Feb 2018

The future of Wi-Fi: Introducing Vodafone Broadband’s Ultimate Speed Guarantee!

Enjoying Vodafone Broadband or thinking of switching to us? We've got a bunch of exciting updates that'll help you get even more bang for your buck!

Since launching back in 2015, Vodafone Home Broadband has become the home of cool new tech and value for money. Whether you’re using the Vodafone Broadband app to focus your bandwidth on a single device, enjoying super smart security, or feeling the benefit of abolished line rental costs – with us, you’re always in control.
And now things are about to get even better as we introduce the brand new Vodafone Broadband Ultimate Speed Guarantee. It takes the mystery out of broadband speeds and puts you in the driver’s seat. Here’s everything you need to know…

Ultimate Speed Guarantee

So what is the Vodafone Broadband Ultimate Speed Guarantee? Simply put, it’s our promise that if you don’t experience the minimum broadband ‘sync speed’ you should be getting with Vodafone Home Broadband, you can easily claim a 15% discount.
We’ve all had those moments in the past of feeling baffled by broadband speeds, so we’re aiming to take the mystery away, and let you do something about it if you don’t experience the speeds we think you should.

The speed we’re talking about here is called the ‘sync speed’, which is essentially the connection speed to your Vodafone Broadband router. That’s because what happens after that point – from your router to your devices – is trickier for us to control.
However, we can influence, improve and iterate on the speed that reaches your house in the first place, which is why we’re applying our Ultimate Speed Guarantee to our Vodafone Home Broadband Superfast 1 (up to 38mbps) and Vodafone Home Broadband Superfast 2 (up to 76mbps) plans. Here’s how the guaranteed sync speeds work on both plans:

What is the difference between sync and throughput?

[features post=”” image=”19333″ file-type=”image” info=”” title=”Sync” link=”http://” target=”_self”]Sync is the speed from your exchange to your router – the connection into your home. We guarantee this as it is the most accurate measurement and largely within the control of us and the line provider. This means we can try to fix and problems and make improvements. It is a number that both we and the customer can measure.[/features][features post=”” image=”19334″ file-type=”image” info=”” title=”Throughput” link=”http://” target=”_self”]Throughput is the speed on your devices. It is a less reliable measurement as it is dependant on a number of factors, including the type of device, number of devices connected, the location of your router (including what it is next to), interference from your neighbours’ WiFi and the wiring in your home.[/features]
In short? Whilst you’ll often experience higher speeds than what we guarantee, you’ll know you shouldn’t experience anything lower. And if you do? We’re making it easier than ever to let us know…

No quibble claims

In the unlikely event that you experience sync speeds lower than what we guarantee, we want you to let us know. But you don’t need to pick up the phone or wait in line. If you’re experiencing low speeds, all you need to do is let us know via the Vodafone Broadband app.

– Download the Vodafone Broadband app!

Do that, and we’ll instantly apply a 15% discount on your broadband bill until we fix the issue.
Although, it is worth considering, if your sync speed is unusually low it will likely be the same on any other OpenReach-powered network (including BT and Sky). Either way, the choice is yours and we’ve made that choice as easy and hassle-free as possible.

The future is fibre

You might notice there are only two Vodafone Home Broadband packages to choose from now. That’s because, from today, we’ll no longer be offering ADSL broadband – we’re going fibre-only!
To help usher in this new age, we’ll be inviting any of our existing ADSL broadband customers to upgrade to fibre at no extra cost! But, if you simply can’t wait you’ll need to enter into a new contract with us to feel the benefit of the Ultimate Speed Guarantee. Once you’re signed up you’ll join the sync speed smarts club in earnest, and be able to get your 15% discount if anything goes awry.

And that’s great news for your household. A 25mbps sync speed on our Superfast 1 fibre tariff, for instance, is more than enough to stream in 4K, play the most demanding online games and dabble in everything in between – all at the same time. So everybody wins!
Thinking of joining us? We still offer one of the cheapest fibre broadband packages around, starting at just £21 per month, without any pesky line rental on top. Click here to find out more, and check out the full Ultimate Speed Guarantee Ts&Cs below.

Boost feature will not increase broadband speed. Ultimate Speed Guarantee: 18-month agreement. Subject to credit check, acceptance & availability in your area. New and upgrading fibre customers only.  If your sync speed is below the speed guarantee stated, you may be able to claim a discount. Claims must be made via the Vodafone Broadband app. If sync speeds cannot be achieved, a discount will be applied to your monthly price plan. Your Vodafone router must be plugged in and switched on for sync speed to be captured. Terms apply, visit